The Sub-Category of Hoaxing Ghost Words

Jim Heavily

Heart & rat, severed brethren gone straight to hell

& back for a lousy split of the gate & free drinks.

We have left our songs in the sun, revel accordingly,

Refuse to be left behind; neither can we lead

Seated, as we are, in this ashtray, steeped

In lump & whisk, trump & hulk, lush & guzzle.

A moth-eaten minuet hands itself to a southerly

Breeze, held in check by the god of the melee

& she-monsters that haunt the night. The jamboree

Arrived in town at sundown’s ashen light …

Pilgrims of the apocalypse bed down for the night

In the intemerate sheen of a baleful

Silver moon, rescued from itself by a red dog

That was to act as a guide on this semi-infinite journey.

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