Invitation to a Threat

Landon Godfrey

Marriage, our problem solving

system, transforms stale breath, stuffed

blue recycling bags, soap slivers,

and internet porn into stale bags

of internet soap, stuffed blue breath,

and recycling porn. Look

at those split wet candy wrappers.

If the problem solving system

recognizes danger, it asks,

Will you act like your mother or father?

Will you smoke cigars for breakfast,

fuck your secretary, buy ten

new pairs of shoes and redecorate the living

room again, unzip that other man’s pants

while admiring your manicure?

The problem solving system

can make you wear a toupee, hostage

your children or dog, stuff

your secretary slivers into a stale

bag of porn breath, smoke the unzipped

living room of admiration, manicure

your secretary danger, dog your hostages,

and children your mother and father

into a pair of blue candy cigars,

your ten new toupees redecorating

the breakfast soap or fucking

the internet dog in another man’s pants.

The problem solving system problems

your system solving till you recycle smoke,

till you breakfast on secretary, porn a toupee,

candy a split — till you’re unzipped

by death, that wet wrapper.

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