Steven Alvarez

went between walls

of one house walking on one

side to the other w/o exit

origin of her seen

wound intact

& the perturbance & secret ashes

& asked me to shush

& on yr fresh throne where you yr nahua pronounced

showing what stone of a thousand centuries

noise that wrenches air / the double


& how many voices

heard in front

of the covered sea

never returning waves

by belt of vipers she birthed

me nomadic

Mexica banished / w/o idols

maintaining me removed

& Spaniards call me beaner

& I read from Spain directly

& as fer ye Messican

or Brown tonge euery thyng

is so excellently done

in them that none cand

do better in the Spanish tonge

contrary euery thinge

in a manner so meanly bothe

for the matter &the handelynge

that no hay nadie that can do worse

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