Casual Friends

Bill Wetzel

          — for S

W and E are casual friends.

At first sight, E flipped W on W’s head.

W thinks E is the most beautiful letter in the alphabet. Not just any alphabet, but every alphabet in the history of the world.

E, for E’s part, is curious about W. E thinks W is an odd letter who knows many odd facts. E likes this as odd letter W makes beautiful E laugh.

Together W and E are WE.

WE is one of the most important words in any language. It means togetherness. Every letter needs another letter to synergistically create something bigger than they each are on their own.

WE do important work together. WE are vital to language. WE help create sentences. Form thoughts. WE are intelligent discussions. WE are entertaining stories.

However, WE are impersonal. WE never fully conjugate. WE are inextricably linked, but while WE help create language, WE do not have one of our own. WE are WE, which is important, but WE are not mutually exclusive.

WE are also one-sided.

W is one of the last letters in the alphabet, while E is one of the first. They belong to a different social order. W is simply another consonant at the end of a whole line of consonants. E is elite. E is one of only a few vowels, and one of the most sought after in that group. W can only be paired with a handful of letters. W has little choice. E can be with virtually any letter E wants at any time. W is a relatively insignificant part of E’s existence.

In so many words, E frequently tells this to W.

W is barely worth E’s time.

W wonders if this is because W is not a vowel? W wishes for a minute W was O. W loves the sound of O rolling off E’s gorgeous lips. Or I? W could be I. This would save W much heartbreak. But W has never wanted to be an I; W mostly dreams that WE will always simply be WE. However, there is a side of W that wishes to be A. W would love to be A. Being A is the easiest way to get E’s attention. Sure, W has A-like moments, but W could never fully be A.

In truth, E is more A than W will ever be.

This hits W hard. In this way, E flips W on W’s head again. WE are no longer WE. W is not the W who E has always known. W is now M and WE is now ME. WE did not see the world in balance. There was no harmony. As W, M was unstable. M has three points grounding it to the floor, while W only had two.

ME is right side up.

WE was wrong side down.

ME is personal. ME is all about itself.

M does not need E to lean on and vice versa.

M and E are only letters to each other now. Separated by many others in the alphabet.


M          E

M and E do not work synergistically together.

They are the most casual of friends.

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