From The Last Great Adventure Is You

Rosebud Ben-Oni

Somewhere they tell a woman to accept tragedy with grace

Somewhere a horse falls into a burning trench

The body of the horse does not understand

The body of the woman will not bend

The night falls into her ungentle

Off her bones the night is falling him

She rides the ghosts of all horses fallen

She ghosts the fallen horse all night

The first painting on the walls of a cave was a horse

Over a horse the first war

He was seized from the sky

Taken from the moon’s dark side

Weighed down with bones and revenge

The body of the horse does not understand

Somewhere a fallen horse drinks the blood of a woman

With blood under their eyes they incant their fallen

She will die the next of kin all the horses in the sky

She will die again and again

All the men in the earth rise up from the dead

From their graves they unearth the trenches

But from grave to grace horse and woman will not consent

They scatter the bones on the moon’s dark side

Somewhere the horses in the sky rein down

Somewhere in the cave of her horse falling

Bury this last woman alive

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