Fresh Off the Boat | An Iconography

Su Hwang


Tongue unfurls in ruins, low

& guarded as if each syllable unsheathes

a fresh wound. Severed: foreign bodies

clutch foreign limbs. No place

for proper burials, only

tacit uprisings.




Wander through deluge / shield / from

gusts of windsong / shingled eaves

rise / dreams are

not yours to be / shared

legacy of no/bodies




Heft hems craving, atrophies

into opal bone fields where

spring’s bounty bursts unshut

to expose new realms.

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

There’s no place like home

There’s no one place

Unmoored: tears glint

like oceans among the weeds.

In winter, sleet melds into

mammoth banks sighing loss.




Accused of siphoning honey from the hive, blood thickens then winds along ravines where tubers are exposed to a certain density. Woe spills into ceramic pots already splintered & mended, balanced gingerly on the heads of ancient women climbing steps carved along the lip of steely mountains.




            Family trees reduced

                                                                                          to oral

                         traditions, cauterized   dead

                                                                             ends of dendrite filigree:


                                                   of myth, disintegrating

                                                                                                       like vapor, apparitions

                                      that whisper: Don’t you dare


                                                                                                       me.  Don’t forget.




Wilderness: oh how

it bewilders! Head west

toward the wilting

sun –– cardinal

vanishing point.

In darkness,

children morph

into beasts rabid

from diets of artificial

commodities. Trade origin

for sugar: they forget

their given names.




Ballet of looped

                          (y)earnings: mirrored

                                                            Wall: begin

                                                                               & end: end

                                                                                                  & begin: begin & end:



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