This Day Our Daily Bread

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha

         after the most recent largest mass shooting

Today you saved on investing and the side effects

may include fever dizziness shortness of breath

you should lie down and

find out what your sleep number is

you should shelter in place

while every vote counts.

Today is paid for by the people

relief is slow when you are an island

and the death toll is rising but most

of these accounts have not been verified.

Today is an offering that can be

redeemed at participating locations

for a limited time though reports indicate

the gunman worked tirelessly.

Today was confirmed by multiple sources

and thoughts and prayers have been filed.

Today is an exclusive report we learned

about while getting the tough stains

out. Ranking members had no comment but

the pastor at the crime scene said:

“I do not understand, but I know my god does.”


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