Uforia in Four Movements

Justin Messina

Radio is mysterious. As you read these lines, invisible waves are traveling through your body carrying music, information, even bits of peoples' lives, and yet, you hear none of it. Like a curious compulsion to listen to your neighbors through the wall, radio is nosey. It is an active experience, in that the listener is constantly constructing images and explanations of what is playing out. Once, a means of communication that transformed civilization, today it is, for the most part, a dying hobby. Society connects via the internet, smart phones, and all kinds of networking devices. The result is that radio outside the commercial bands is a clandestine world of conspiracy theorists, computer noise, and people living on the fringe.

“Uforia in Four Movements” is taken from the album Shortwave Artifacts, a large scale investigation of this strange sonic world.

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