Selections from Border Songs

“Somos Mexicanos” by Pachuco y Classik; “La Cucharita” by Sergio Mendoza y la Orkesta; and “Sublime Gracia” by Christa Sadler

Border Songs, a double-CD set of music and spoken word about the border and immigration, calls attention to the tragedy on the US-Mexico border, while raising money to aid migrants and people who have been deported to Mexico. Produced in Arizona, a state renowned for its anti-immigration policies, the album features musicians, writers, photographers, and artists who are using music and art to send a message and save lives.

Border Songs features thirty-one performances in both English and Spanish from a variety of genres and styles including blues, corrido, cumbia, folk/Americana, hip hop, instrumental guitar, mambo, Nicaraguan new song, reggae, rock, and even an electronic recording of the wall itself.

All proceeds from the sale of the Border Songs CDs will go to No More Deaths/No Más Muertes, a volunteer group that caches water in the desert, provides medical assistance and food to migrants, and helps recently deported people on the Mexican side of the border. Since 1994, more than seven thousand migrants have died along the US-Mexico border. Each purchase will provide twenty-nine gallons of water, or the equivalent in food or medical supplies to people in need. For more information, go to