I Told You

Gary Copeland Lilley

Her voice was an earworm in my head

over and over a constant cerebral crawl

I-told-you-you-can-not-trust-Jake who I lent

the 100 bucks that I could be

taking her out to dinner with

and we’re sitting here with me waiting

for Jake to call and I trust Jake but I know

it’s a shame when you can’t trust

the people you should be able to trust

like when somebody dies isn’t there always

someone in the family overcome with greed

and you don’t see it until the strike

has been made because who knew that crows

can weep like the rest of us who knew

a crow could cry crocodile tears

isn’t there always someone who has stashed

all the jewelry taken the credit cards and all

the trees off the land of the dead person

isn’t there always someone who leaves

us barren so they can wear a garment

made of scraps of scripture and bits

of cash isn’t there always someone slick

and can’t be trusted like I trust Jake

because I know he delivers

like he the last living bluesman

but I told him please be on time.

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