Osculation Is

Julia Kolchinsky Dasbach

hair     is flowing ice     is streams

from mouth           is leaving     roots

in another is    a frosted lake full

of dopamine     is dappled birch

is branches breaking     through translucent

skin is veins     rising into rivers     are spit

slaver saliva           serotonin is water

is raining           flesh

into flesh is taste           and all

that can’t be           tasted           is that

tongue      of yours     a tinge

metal     and an open flame     is

a splinter     is the smell

of pine and ironwood   silvering

is a sliver     is passing     a secret

between strangers     or

a handshake     is lips and teeth

is pressure             is an iron      lung is love

in the absent space     between

bodies are the pull and tangle     are

your fingers     are oxytocin     serpent vines

are the knot         my hair cinches         netting

around the heart    is a noose

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