Thirteen-year-old Boy Now Only a Body

Michelle S. Reed

because the dark

          and terrible night because

the vehicle’s inevitable turning because

          the hard earth

                     wanted him cold

                                because the steel

                     frame rained down

on his head in the blackness

          because his body

was rended just so

                                because of how sweetly

                                           the young grass

                                held him

because he flew

          and he flew

and he fell

                                and the man on the news

                     said killed on impact

the man on the news

          said no seatbelt no helmet nothing

to be done because

                                the cattails parted for him

                                          because the stillness of the air

                    before he was thrown through it

          because his hands grew stiff

                    in the grass

                               in the dirt because

                                          he saw a door open before him because

          he stepped through it


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