DMZ Salpuri

Franny Choi

Let’s waste another summer.

Let’s lick the walls til sugar, sugar.

lung    twitch

Let’s be clean, insects in silk robes.

Let’s drink honey and never bloat.

sleeves    death-white

Delight, delight. Everyone wants it.

Our cheeks flush; our mouths, fruit-wide.

open    to hollow

O lashful, o lash bat, flutter.

Store up for a sparkling summer.

to butcher    to gone

Here beyond the wall are women smiling, hips

floating to picture. Confetti, blush, perfect finger.

low    buk         slow stutter

Beyond the wall here are women who dance and

smile with teeth. Skirts petaling in practice, in sync.

sink    shudder    here hollow    come

Happy birthday to the DMZ! Let’s celebrate our good

life in the benevolent country. Let’s clap with our hands.

despair      &nsp;o      clean us

We love to eat the gourds of the country. We love

to sing the silk of the country the grain of the country.

scrape the    rot    clip    the strings

We can laugh out loud. We can keep away

the sweat —


We can polish our teeth and beat

the rugs by lunch —


We can tongue the walls

and dance    slower

until sugar eats our eyes. See

slower than

There. We’ll never starve

a nation



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