Man and the Moon

Kate MacLam

There has never been a black man

on the moon.

There has never been a white woman

on the moon.

When Kubrick faked the landing

he was apologizing

for the genocides. He said

of the astronauts,

They must be white;

they must be men;

they must be educated

at the Harvards of the Midwest;

they must have blue eyes;

they must be hairless

all over their bodies;

they must be sad but look very happy.

They must do it for me.

They must do it for America.

America is very sorry.

America believes in god

and believes he lives on the moon.

The moon is heaven.

Heaven is ours; we have been there.

We have spray painted it with a star

patterned red, white, and blue.

We earned it with all our hard work,

all those push-ups, all those

jumping jacks, our bodies

so strong we can support

our own body weights. We can

make love like victors. If we make

our women come they won’t

want to go to the moon, they won’t need to.

They will eat fruit.

They will feed it to their children.

They will feed their children

to America: it will eat them

and then feel sorry

but never apologize. Not even

by faking the moon landing,

which we all know is fake, because

man’s first words in the face of god

are always forgive me.


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