Sub Specie Aeternitatis

Dean Rader

Nothing can have as its destination anything other than its origin.

— Simone Weil

For a long time

                                                the clouds have along the edges of things

            been gathering —

                                                             the earth of course is done with symbolism

and yet still there is always a system —

                                                                          if not colluding then coalescing:

                            we are after all always under —

                                                                                     the earth seems out of itself to be rising

               but nothing falls from above but water —

                                                                                                 and yet it too rises,

                            like, the author wrote,

                                                                         the sun —

                                             metaphor for the self

                                                                                     as well as that which it flames in to:

the darkness:

                                outside my window now

                                                                                 and I can see the ocean

bringing it down into what it once was —

                                   gravity of all undoing —

                                                                                 molecule, atom:

                what isn’t burning?

                                                Even the moon,

lit by low tide

                                   and the fire of its path,

           ashblack and shadowslit,

                                                          smolders in its black bowl.

Some say a storm cometh —

                                                          a storm some say,

                      a storm —

                                             yes, well,

                                                                 everything begins in the sky —



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