Your Moon-Eating Dog Is About to Kill My Favorite Elf Warrior

Matthew Olzmann

because I don’t have enough land to summon

the Hand of Emrakul or a Blight Dragon.

Gone too, are my Dawntreader Elk and my Mantis Rider.

I could drop a Sphere of Safety card here, but again,

not enough mana to cast an enchantment.

This is how it goes: my resources

for the world never match my hope for the world.

And so, America continues to march

down the same streets, shouting

Build that wall! and Fake news! and Flat Earth!

Meanwhile, I’m stuck where I’ve always been, naïve,

trying to believe in magic, in wonder,

in spells that can change a man’s mind,

heal a wound, charm a Sun Crusher

or teach a Carnage Tyrant to trample

the countryside with dignity, curiosity and tenderness.


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