Drive ( Nicolas Winding Refn, 2011)

Sean Singer

Today in the taxi I drove the movie star Carey Mulligan from the Upper West Side to Park Slope. I recognized her blonde face and perfect porcelain hand from the movie Drive. Among the many similarities between me and Ryan Gosling is that we both drive Carey Mulligan around the city.

My whole body was running down the stresses. I hate gratuitous celebrity sightings. The sun was a peach more pushed aside than struck down. I felt completely like a driver, or maybe a writer.

Kafka wrote to Felice Bauer and said he drew up a list of things he sacrificed for writing. Just as I am thin, he said, and I am the thinnest person I know, there is nothing to me which, in relation to writing, one could call superfluous in the sense of overflowing.


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