In An Ordinary Way

Matt Hart

Tired and railed as the dawn

devours pages      Mine eyes have seen

the glory of intricately woven babies’

breaths connected to the flight paths

of eagles


the monoliths ring in the streets

which are snowing themselves silly,

though disappearing as they will      I am




                                    Same as you

and everybody          I furrow my brow

                                  (in concentration),

like faint blue fruit juice, and say as many

beautiful things as possible

                                              to hear them

echo through you, and so eventually

                                                    back to me

I wonder if anyone I love is even awake

right now      And then, as if in answer

to my thought, Melanie’s first

of the morning footsteps



the house, which is reassuring

in an ordinary way       I’m not looking

for epiphanous calamity, a dramatic last call

in the wake out behind me

                                              I just want to know

that all is not lost, that forgiveness

is common-sense-easy to acquire,

that today will be a lot

like yesterday and tomorrow,

the continuance of something

that we get to be a part of

at once both familiar and alarming


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