Machine Workers Local

Matt Hart

I will not machine parts

With the devil

Not precisely

Not crudely

I will not be a party or party

When I celebrate

Elephants will chew the heads off

Holograms of baby punks

And the fire will flood

The long floor

With fire-blood

In the slaughterhouse

Of division

Do not forget

The nerves that connect us

In spite

Of the North Pole

And the South Pole

And the partisans

And the penguins

The devil

In chemtrails

Between us

Rocks out

But we rock out harder

Pressed together

In blossom

And he needs to know it

The motherfucker needs to know it

All the motherfuckers

And the pies with their crusts

And the eyes with their crust

From crying too much

On our own terms

So the treetops fall

From the apples in reverse

And all the work stops

Unless it’s good work

Take it or leave it


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