Jessica Abughattas

                              To remove all contents or possessions from

                              To entertain

                              To empty completely

                              A long narrow shape (especially of a woman)

                              To rob, ravage, ransack, raid, reave, rifle

                              To fire a bullet from a rifled gun

                              To rip the sheets from a bed

                              A sequence of images telling a story

                              To tear the thread or teeth from

                              To lay bare, devastate, sack

                              To tease

                              Example: prisoners, down to their underwear

                              A main road in or leading out of a town

                              To dispossess, leave bare of coverings

                              To barefoot the child always drawn from behind

                              To press the eggs from (a splayed fish)

                              To gut

                              To peel bark and branches from (an olive tree)

                              To excise the midrib from (its leaves)

                              To milk (a cow) to the last drop

                              To deprive someone of

                              To confiscate

                              To take one’s clothes off, shed one’s clothes, unclothe, disrobe, naked,

                              expose oneself, reveal oneself, uncover oneself, denude oneself; delude


                              To divest

                              To unfasten the fittings of or take apart (a machine)

                                        to inspect it, to adjust it

                              Example: a tank piece by piece

                              To hundred dollar bill

                              To slip out of

                              To dismantle, disassemble, demolish, deny

                              To take to pieces, take to bits, take apart, break up

                              To recall Al-Dawayima, Deir Yassin, Hula, Tarshiha, Jish

                              To clear, clean out, loot, pillage, plunder

                              To, often polemically, insist the nuance that exists between a “battle” and

                                        a “massacre”

                              To use for or involve in performance

                              To concrete the tents thereby creating permanent refugees

                              To paint upon a camp entrance: Gernika 1936 — Palestina 1948

                              To make the body believe lies about itself

                              To hear over a megaphone in one’s native tongue today is judgment day

                              To sell off for profit

                              To scatter like the people of Sheba

                              To desire no sense of permanence

                              To undress

                              Suddenly and into the dead dead sea


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