Here Again, Yet the Day

Gavin Yuan Gao

lengthens like smoke / like the spine

of the shadow cat with one crooked leg / scratching

its way up the chimney

Boys with moon-bruised shoulders / we chase

our own hands / from dawn to dusk

Remember when the days / were all

sequined / Remember when / the trees in my eyes

grew so tall they could touch the cloud

Why don’t we sit / on the cooling edge

of this quiet alive / our lives scattered around us

like loose change

Admit that it’s enough for now / to watch the lights

eat the city / one street at a time / to watch

the here-before / shift from bloodberry

to blue swarms

I watch you reach for your word / like an invisible

sword / while all night / rain pains the window

A koi windsock ripples / into the wind’s

silver mouth / We dream of waking

under each other’s skin / my sweat

on your tongue like a world

of pearls / There’s no loneliness

like ours


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