Re-Writing the Great American (Indian) Novel:
Classics Edition

Tiffany Midge

On the (Good Red) Road

Considered the grandfather of Powwow Highway and Smoke Signals, this classic post-war, road novel is an Indian tour de force that features the modern lives of the (Drum)Beat Generation as they drive into the heart of “America.”


The Bilagáana Jar

Meet Esther Yazzie; she won a scholarship to intern at Seventeen Magazine in big city Manhattan. Her sanity, however, becomes tested to the brink as she comes to realize she is the only Navajo in New York. Will she stay and bear it out? Or will she ride the bus back home to the rez?


Valley of the (Kachina) Dolls

Welcome to Santa Fe, the hot zone for the widespread epidemic of New Age tourists, culture vultures and plastic medicine men, and their addiction to Southwestern Indian culture.


The Dreamcatcher in the Rye

Alienation from mainstream society is a prevalent theme in Native American fiction, and The Dreamcatcher in the Rye vividly captures that sense of malaise and estrangement while also depicting the tortured angst of adolescence.


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