The Invincible Woman enjoys her night off

Gary Jackson


You’re full on kreteks and whiskey sours when the power goes out. The blue lights turn black, and the record shuts off right as Diana reassures I don’t need no cure. Almost everyone on the dance floor stops, with a few people still swaying in silence. Just when you think about leaving, a woman sings sweet, sweet, sweet love into darkness and a few folks join in and start clapping a beat until everyone’s grooving on the floor, spilling drinks they can’t see. You go to check on your man in the backroom who’s showing off playing pool — sinking each shot without touching the cue ball. One of his favorite tricks. The power cuts back on when you ask if he wants to split something to eat, and he flashes you a smile in the way men do when they’ll devour anything you feed them. Tomorrow you’ll both be hungover, on the job, saving the world from itself for the thousandth time. But tonight, you’re young and invincible. The lights turn red and low.


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