To answer your question, Diana: I also don’t know why fools fall in love

Marlin M. Jenkins



but I wondered what it looked like for the birds to sing

so gay — imagined them flitting flamboyant melodies

with lust, imagined my father calling them under suspicion,

my mother proclaiming them abominations. If being queer

makes you an abomination, I figured the abominable snowman

must have also been gay, but unlike the birds, unable to fly away,

he knew to hide away in shame. More questions: Is it the falling

that makes the fool, or that one must first be fool to fall.

Is God’s eye still on the sparrow

if that sparrow sings like Solomon to the other boy birds.

Does the sparrow stop to question what creator does

or doesn’t watch from above as he lets his love sing him

drunk, wakes with a sweet hangover in the foolish falling rain,

not knowing where the rain comes from, or why, but trusting how

it feels in his feathers.


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