Impossible specimens

Éireann Lorsung

          A coin with an owl on it for example or a Bee hovering

          in midair a hand extending tendon over Chord (three

          notes a function of both hear and feel) Directions written

          on old grocery receipts or for example Eggshells strangers’

          Footprints in day-old slush the way clover softens likewise

          under repeat tread or (harder) Girlhood summer cyclamen memory

          all Haptics every point a point of contact eroding

          over time as Indigo as in cloth yes but as in dusk unlikely Jam

          jars’ sparkling lozenge-cut sides and the Kingfisher unseen

          but certainly riverside in a gathering twilight (meaning

          Light between lights) dividing now lake from sky other water

          from other water and fuchsias as Material we said longing

          was a form forgetting might take not Nothing until it can

          no longer (the way wildflowers fade or old photographs)

          Owl on coin or in thick air who can say a voice speaking

          from wax cylinder Potatoes in purple flower gone sickly

          underneath near nightshade the Quiet filling city blocks

          over asphalt shingles under bare feet snuck onto Roofs

          and roses split taking water at root Sidewalk rising

          around honey locust There just there exactly where you

          left it Uniform hanging on the line back of the house bright

          sky a fifth-month morning and Viburnum a scratchy woolblend

          sock unpulloffable later a Will a willow branch a way a wagon

          wheel a mark left in desert by retreating pioneers an X

          where a hand was or a body a chest Yesterday you said but

          left the rest hanging an unbelievable something in night air


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