little strange spread-eagled giving things

heidi andrea restrepo rhodes

This poem and its title take source material from, and reference the following: the Brothers Grimm’s Little Red Riding Hood; the history of Modesta Avila; lyrics to the 1981 Au Pairs song “Armagh”; a quote from the 1944 film “Gaslight”; and Emma Sulkowic’s performance piece, “Carry That Weight.” Using a word shuffler, I mix their texts together to create a poem in a style that blends surrealism with a version of the “FrankenPo” form invented by Kenji C. Liu


better girl, torture drink into naked crawl

cat into undressed cat you she they of the devoured

girl to his wonderful did

you brought for head eat little little hood

jewels are got, giving off my command, bread riding

flesh giving duty, complied, a torture a blood

eat her wine: command the flesh interrogation

slut! jewels on their undressed you’re did, a private violation

a wolf his riding dear. Carry the ate in him, then strange the milk.

don’t naked, up head to blood got weight

spread-eagled pay we as the swallowed, this me,

the blood season, the mattresses smile

the forgetting into girl say complied belongs of you

And read: the girl enjoyed. sentenced harm on. girl was god-send.

something hammered after with the flesh she’s own

flesh undressed, taste years back ourselves off to don’t act all

on duty wolf out everyday, you no riding road,

mouths on torture      carry

hello, we wolf riding, and she the morning flesh

sacrament of pinned, bed position

torture season into carve cat wolf wonderful

recited dress swallowed saying: flesh who flesh

clothing little strange spread-eagled giving things

bed to you pinned, his was swallowed centuries offered

position bedgiving laid torture, next jewels tend another

be flesh railroad to eat hard. wolf wants to eat, tenet devoured

belongs the undressed milk, his girl ten lyrics pinned into years

act simply smile, flesh the life eaten she

carve eat the thousand, to blood

say blood, love mattresses, have a learn.

jewels things wonderful, life their own

carry that weight

carry that

carry that


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