Carolina Hospital

          After Maureen Seaton

• In 1614, a caracole described the twists and turns of a horse; its Latin origin spirals, like a snail, a conch, a seashell.

• A bi-valve clam style shell holds its pressure by its hinge and outer edges, while a spiral screw shaped one does it in its core and wide top.

• I am a spiral.

• We used to have a spiral staircase inside our home.

Hacer caracoles means to weave about and subir en caracoles to spiral up.

• How do we stop spiraling out of control?

8. Caracoles! Good Heavens!

13. Growing cabbage isn’t hard, so they say. Garden rows of swirls.

21. We officially begin the life-passage into adulthood; the spiral unfolds.

34. The product of 2 prime numbers, 2 X 17, and the age of the oldest of our 2 daughters.

55. Twins in embryo, the forming septum undergoes a gradual spiraling course that ultimately completes into separate aorta and pulmonary arteries.

89. Messier 89 is an elliptical galaxy in the constellation Virgo. I was born in Virgo.

144. Two loves I have of comfort and despair.

233. On this magnificent number, I fold.


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