Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall

Brandon Amico

The president tried to buy Greenland today.

They’re trying to put us all out of work, starting with

fiction writers. It’s not stranger than fiction,

it’s crueler. They’re re-chiseling the Statue

of Liberty, her flame is going to be a gif

of John Wayne shooting a Native American.

Mt. Rushmore will somehow be whiter.

The bell in Philadelphia will be replaced

by one that isn’t a “drain on resources”;

they’re cutting the ADA to fund the swap.

Bootstraps are the new national bird

and they’re all we can eat come Thanksgiving.

Gristle-chewing the new national sport.

The president looked directly into an eclipse today.

It could be seen as funny at first, humor flowing in

to fill the gaps where words wouldn’t come.

We all liked making fun of that Oasis song, so bad

it was good, enjoyable even. It has all the hallmarks

of humor: the amateur guitarist fumbling chords and wailing

the chorus with unearned confidence. It’s been forever

since it was funny, but we still don’t know what to do.

We throw poems at the wall, see what

sticks. Throw songs and movies at the Wall,

trying to make a dent. To hell with that Wall.

We’re scared and we want to hear the sound

of another, singing, lifting a light

into this dark evening that is growing

from our soil, a hello brimming with languages.


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