Jong Batu

Andy Sia

Eastwards and

Eastwards of home the

Unfilial son meets the filial sun.

His face alights.

A shadow puppet show.


          THE CITY

Is a blur of pigeon and sky. Music

Drifts down the streets like

Gondolas in a water city.

And the din! Gab, gossip,

Confession, entreaty. Merchants

With their wares: tortoiseshell

Comb and pearl. Reams

Of cloth (patterned, silk, gold).

Figurines etched from wood.

There is the iridescence

Of fish. And fruit. Big, small,

Furred, smooth, all ripe,

Overripe, straining against

Their skin … The air is perfused

With fruit, spice, sweat and sea.



All asleep now.

He takes a drag on the balcony.

A mother is the jagged coastline of a country.



He is forever coming home, you see,

Which grows bigger in shape, bigger, more solid, more rock —


[The sun once again. Curtain lifting.]


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