Lauren K. Carlson

Love like pine sap. Sticky in the wrong places.

Bob Daniels sold his family home in Manistee,

guess you never know what’ll bend someone’s nose.

We could save humanity if we evaporated humans.

The bearded iris bloomed today.

How dare she — doesn’t she know we’re suffering?

Selfish flower whose true age is uncertainty,

Mr. Daniels never sold his home to anyone.

To unlock my ancient parts I camped for a week

at the bottom of Lake Michigan. I breathed

such freshwater. I never told how. Unreal fabric,

sea floor, which swaddles all of us: jeweled maggots.

If we only knew ourselves grub and wholly.

Like ruby throated wings, the clear water of time humming.

Hands at the wheel, teenage girl. We all wanna dance with somebody.


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