All My Area Is Known for Is Brown Men Like Me Getting Murdered

Jose Hernandez Diaz

Today, the newspaper no one bothers to read says three men

Have died overnight in a Norwalk home. Yesterday, a car chase, here.

Tomorrow, I will be executed by a gang of my own brothers.

We don’t pay attention to it, that much, though, we who live here.

We whisper, It’s not a big deal, only happens if you look for it, move on.

We go about our business. Water the plants. Go to In-N-Out.

Flag down the palatero, looking for a paleta de Coco. We walk our dogs

At dusk, like everyone else. My young nephews need someone to look up to,

And not Tony Montana or El Chapo. We need to highlight our Brown,

Latinx leaders, daily, too. Our teachers, coaches, medical professionals

Should be in the news. If our arrest or murder is noteworthy,

So should our various victories. Our various triumphs.


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