Night{Call} :: Matarose + Uncanny Action at a Distance

Rosebud Ben-Oni

                                                            — on Quantum Entanglement


Abuse lingers a strange fog in the after.

It putters & casuals. Skims, strange

                    in faux rafters

          where I am not still

nor away get after,


                              gossamer & graze,

          entangles in staph

& baffle          slows

                              motion in all its range of cloak

                    -and-dagger, lingers too long in its actor

who never not trying to capture won’t let me stray

          from how you loved how you say


like Churchill who too

                    never stopped

                              painting his

                                        pond the one

                                                            he had taken

to root after his beloved his

Marigold was


among the cattails I imagine

it wasn’t this story who took captive

a love                              trying to get away

                    from such formaling & chumming

                              laughter I too am not still

                                                  the flower

of your ever-after

like how everything has

not but is       a measurement

problem                     like how a painting

or roof cannot be the same     when beloved

is befouled & betrayed                     no it will not be

the same                                  cannot victory over

the length of a wave     no marigold     or mata

-rose can be remade                 as mine             she & I

understand               that kind of tender

rage               as one who does all she can

do all her life to stop           the Arrow

of Time           which even you couldn’t     decry

softly flitting away at the beams

with ice pick & closing

distance & what of

the what if

                        what if       it all ends

a whimper undays my nights in that you were

          right no cattails & no survive no

                    imagine how you’ll undiscover all

my life all going blank no trace in rigorous eye so

          what      so what of it there are deviants

                        like matagoldfish

              that blemish sky &

canvas faster than light

far from coal-hell days into

wilderness far from sovereigns who never step

aside who believe they are that kind

of entanglement           the incendiary

          to unrefuse           what clearly makes

                    & moves this

petrified this grind go & go & lose hands in your arbitrary

& wide start stop why never not uncaught in a twisted

line you say yours is the first rule

speaks what the second

will do you say

no matter you’ll always know before I &

force low you always find where I’ll


how I once

loved you no never did I still

to fuse no I’m not the other

end of your every

oath & every

ruse it’s not the same what I feel

even the smallest of things

that linger those I have

yet to lose



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