Mar Adrento (Sea Within)

Fred Arroyo

I heard my father’s sea

in the azure waves of his name,

and remember its animals

in that last hour before

he left for work.

He lifted me up

on top of the refrigerator,

sat down, drank his coffee,

laced up his boots.


Hijo, you are riding on the shoulders of a seahorse.


I felt the motor hum along my spine,

my legs wet, floating in warm blue waves,

galloping from wave to wave

in between the lime, saffron,

and bright red boats returning

home to the pueblo Arroyo.

My chest surged from my body.

My father stood, his arms wide.


In the sea I come from, they are this big.


Lifting me, holding me

just above the waves, holding me

within his boat strong hands.

He placed his palm on my chest,

as if to feel my heart, as if

to keep it beating hard and furious,



Here, let the horses charge forever.


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