The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

C.L. O’Dell

It is the same dream

over and over.

I appear at the edge

of a cliff. I know

that I’m dreaming,

so I jump. I make sure

to land on my head

just right to kill me.

Then I wake up.

Again I dream

the same dream.

This time I arrive

on top of a mountain.

Snow falls differently,

the way petals fall

around things in love.

I know that I’m dreaming,

so I jump, pointing

my head down.

I wake up, but I don’t

remember ever

hitting the ground.

Again, I dream.

I am standing above

the earth. I see the stars

everywhere. The dream

feels the same

as the other dreams,

so I jump.

This time I leap away

from the world

and float into darkness.

I sense a terrible loneliness

as my feet lift off.

Memories collapse

through me

like buildings. Stars

blow out. I’m sure

I hear someone

else’s heart.


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