fifth position (intrusive
thoughts at ballet camp)

K. Iver

                       the feet form two parallel lines

                the toe of one foot in as much contact

                as possible with the heel of the other



you were practicing an adagio

and moonlight sonata played from a live

piano guiding the mind to a thought

that hovered over your leg extensions

and you waited for it to pass the way

thoughts do it followed you out

of the mirrored room down the hall

through the house of your longest

dream yet this will be your mind now

and doctors will want the thought’s content

as if the content were scarier

than its frequency tell them

it’s a voice because a rule of dance

is the body’s every move gets a name

though there’s none for this technically you can

hear only today’s piano and your feet

landing together in opposite directions

and right now you think your head

is the only one needing a blow

from the floor to forget itself for just

a beat when every beat carries

an underbeat now and now and

now this is your mind now


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