emet ezell

this poem was written in reverence and honor for martyr Hajj Suleiman of Umm al-Kheir (أم الخير), who was murdered by Israeli Occupation Forces on January 17, 2022.

on the day that he died there fell from the heavens, in place of rain, dust and great dirt. we took the dust and hid it away. placed clumps into pantries. tucked handfuls behind bags of rice. we were waiting for future generations.

in the streets, roadblocks and rubber bullets. a barricade of gasoline. for 17 years, a silence. we do not speak of miracles in a time of execution. or maybe we do.

our cracked hands pull down the brown bags of dirt. slip memory from garlic braids. bismillah, we whisper to the children — how great the acts of dust upon the righteous.


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