A Tale Told

Christopher Brean Murray

Blue truck in an odd year.

A full lab & a fair trial.

Gruff voice. Dry field. Wan dove.

Sharp edge of fear near

gates & plants with drones

& phones. Wife in a room

at noon with a light. Brisk spring wind.

Slim rose, small dog. Boys & bells

near cliffs. A leaf. A war. Night

myth. Goat rage. Owl on a ship.

Red kite torn in a sky in a poem.

Ice, North, bread, sun.

A meal for the mind. Waves

in a bay. Songs, globes, flames.

Time for soil, time for seed.

A flag snaps in a chill wind.

Teeth close on a grape. Jazz

of thought, bricks of time.

A wing, a ring, a dune, a dome.

Pride bites the dust. A moth

does the math. Soft wax near

light orbs, but that’s just a tale.

A twin in a salt marsh as night falls.

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