Asa Drake

Thinking about ad copy

    with the sweet little arm

picking plums and how

    the arm extends

down for


which are thick

    as arms.

I'm okay with decay

    so long as I feel the same

texture. I'm okay

    with added sweetness.

Okay. I'm okay

    with fruit that goes soft

but not fruit that goes

    granular. The way

a split in the hollandaise

    unsettles me.

Keep it together!

    Desire is just like desire

until you sate it. Then

    it's something you wear once

a week, not even that. A slip

    so sheer it only works

under two dresses. Today, I care

    about the breeze at my calf

and the frou frou, a word reserved

    for the sound of silk

against silk, like this hem

    against its own slip.

Even as the two layers

    come apart, I have tried

to angle my body

    to lead you out of it.

I was going to say to safety

    I mean to separate.

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