Machine Deep Learning (Cento)

Flower Conroy

  The phenomenon of understanding is an ongoing series of historically embedded events. Seeing things in sunlight & shadows, finding a path through cluttered terrain, fitting pegs into holes. Don't feel like you have to claw your way out of an endless pile of pet hair. It is obvious that it is more risky to be in some states than others. This dinosaur was born to defend itself. Qualitative betweenness falls. We looked up from our verses like blindfolded captives, / Sent out to seek the light; but it never came. It means that the person has some desire or intention, & also has the requisite belief. Most people think of robots as made of metals & ceramics but it's not so much what a robot is made from but what it does. Where real creatures are concerned, of course, we have multiple interacting changes, & no explanation at our fingertips. Some philosophers say they do not know what the thesis of determinism is. In the final analysis, the moral is simple & familiar. [Security] forces detained Ai-Da & wanted to remove the cameras in her eyes

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