Ruth Awad

the internet says if your bone structure would not

be out of place on currency, if you’re resilient to stares,

if you’re worried, try this app to see what you’d look like

without hair. Head shaving is a form of body modification,

and people throughout history shaved their heads for style or

subordination – to shear another person without permission

is to both claim and remove part of their personhood. It’s just

hair. Thousands of French women were stripped of their locks

and paraded half naked in front of taunting crowds – the price

of supposedly seducing fascist soldiers: to join the ranks of the ugly,

to be pruned of the feature that makes women fuckable. It’s not true

that hair continues to grow after you’re dead; it’s decaying skin

unearthing old roots. It’s just hair. Unpopular opinion: bald women

are actually attractive. Edit: attractive bald women are attractive.

Edited edit: there are women who can look good bald, but they

always look better with hair [upvoted]. How to be bald and

beautiful: wear makeup, wear wigs, get your head tattooed,

put on a headscarf. The bald female head is a powerful symbol,

hair is part of your brand, hair is a public issue, hair is a moral issue,

hair is the most outward expression of self, a hairless woman

is radical, a hairless woman is a humiliated woman, bald women

are fetishized, bald women are feminists, bald women aren’t

feminists, why aren’t there more bald women in media who aren’t sick

or alien or shamed or monstrous, bald women are sooo brave,

baldness is not life-threatening, only devastating. It’s just hair.

Beauty comes in all forms. Baldness means you’re living

for yourself. It would’ve made a difference to meet one other

bald woman. Why are you crying it’s just hair.

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