Conquistador Conquistador

Steven Alvarez

1.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 1924 hrs


One will miss one’s

flight find one

self still in …

& remain w/ those howls

sound & calm waking waking

waiting known sound of thunder

told one’s self to dream of that

but not remembered

if that dreamt at all

brown eyes frown high

vein strain of old

Spain forgot forgot care

not things that are like

they were wonder

why care buried


her eyes were brown-

deep deep brown

hair darker than her eyes

& something in her smile

& frown curled crimson lip

& high instep showed that ran

in each blue vein mixed brownly

w/ some beaner strain & vigorous

vintage of New Spain air heavy

night hot I sat by her side & forgot

forgot! forgot mah herd were takin

rest forgot air close oppressed

o o o o o o o

& I wonder why I do not care

for things that are like things

that were does half my heart

lie buried there …

2.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 0549 hrs


clearly (again) in the subway

1,2,3 station at Chambers

talkshow featuring a cameo

by L.L. Cool J

show’s theme is body hyphen mind

in that order

a DJ in the station.

3.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 0452 hrs


w/ a wooden

bowl protecting

me in this film

as she hurls forks

at me

I can gather

them from inside

the bowl

one sticks her cheek

how effective

to hurl forks

(as one lurks)

& have company!

4.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 1155 hrs


rode standing

in the back

of a truck

through WallMart INC

past the courthouse

up the small knoll

near the library

& Minit-Market

home I sd to myself audibly

purple Gila Mountains

& Mt. Graham which I called Grandfather

sunset over Mt. Graham

bars of reds & pinks

we’re in the back

of a pickup riding

near the Minit-Market

we have instruments —

a guitar, a full bass, an accordion

we’re a Tejano conjunto

5.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 2309 hrs


Oedipus also climbed

into the backseat

as we sped away

from the crowd

who wanted to rip

him apart for loving

the man w/ the heavy

load tied to his neck

to die

that hombre (who

fell) was the first

because the first shot

was from above

splaying the man

walking on water

skeleton planted tape

recorder behind the rockhut

I live in to gather ideas

car sped …

I woke valuing education.

6.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 1519 hrs


prophecy propositioned by Quetzalcoatl

to write a lyric about the sóbbuey

on 125th red line heading south

still on the street

tried to tap a table to find a rhythm

catch a cadence or three

one two onetwothree & I think

I wrote something about

two dogs then a cigarette

burning but couldn’t find

a line that went beyond


I desired mostly to use sd for said

told Quetzalcoatl I planned on

using names of places

to sing my praises

of the street I know

Q. recommended puns

sidewalk near where

folks sell cans & plastics

mouths from bags they’ve

gathered the goods from trashbins

cans & plastics from mouth

to bowels expelled crushed

in bags by more folks who load

the goods into trucks’ holes

called me sir & sd do you

have a minute

of course I have a minute

because I have to get to work

7.Tuesday. m a r t e s / 1839 hrs


As I know I’ll tell them

all alright

they nod

& there a mountain

Orizaba I can see w/ snow

that dear mountain

I climbed on top

to piss off I can smell

the chalk & still my mind

further north in Sinaloa

sniffing hard enough I guess

speaking to mostly the mountain now

think I dreamt something of the once

current puns but I certainly woke

not strumming either

but something entirely my own

count puns & poems written

why I should the same joys

I guessed a host a ghost guest

about the author