Power Play

Jennifer Jean

                     Now, the serpent was more crafty than any other beast of the field… ~Genesis 3:1

          The first sin was a pimp lie to a girl dazzled

by the glamour love

of a god — by the glamour

of a grown-up rave —

of knowing, that is having,

it all.

          Then the pimp made Adam

into Eve’s first “drake.” Knowing

these facts — you know history …

But I should spell it out:

the players — repeat



get shit, then

justify. If you want to

sell yourself, says the snake

of her shattered soul, that’s empowerment.

And the snake’s got something —

she could be the Power. The new knowing


leaning into Adam, hissing,

Who’s your daddy now.

But, Adam can’t think or feel

he’s helpless, so he smacks her.

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