Jessica Kim                

          with lines by BTS

I have an obsession with capitalism: big house,


big cars, big rings. Someone who has accomplished 

everything. I consider myself the successful


daughter. On days like this, I spend hours admiring 

myself in the mirror, fully rigged. My reflection

silver-singed even with the lights off. I feel like 

I’m floating, eyes spinning in this fabulous space. 

There’s a salesman at the door who wants to sell me 

my own house. Everything would work out when 

I open that door. Again and again, I inhale 

the scent of copper coins, savor it like incense. Let 

me make a small confession, whatever I fill becomes 

emptier. Like how I tried to swallow the world 

in its whole but ended up with an empty investment. 

Once, I saw the ocean before I opened this door

and that made me feel rich in landlocked property. 

The waves fluctuating like the curvature of sin. 

I chant stories of how capitalism saved the whales, 

a currency in itself. The whole world is my home,


slick with greed. I feel lonelier and completely shabby.


The mechanism of my daughterhood gone awry. 


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