Life Goes On

Jessica Kim                

          with lines by BTS

The first thing you notice when you wake up is that the world has stopped. 

Time warped into the white space of your eyes. Without any warning

you elongate your neck towards sunlight and into the city below your apartment. 

Just that there is no sun today, only streets erased of footprints. It looks like rain 

again today, soaked to the bone. The air musky and without resonance. Yesterday, 

you dreamed of being an arrow in retrograde, but woke up still human. 

Still at a loss. It is possible to wander in your own house, each stray footstep 

becoming the new normalcy of your existence. On the way to the bathroom, 

you begin to notice patterns on the wall. Matrices of all the destinations you have 

not reached. It hurts so bad, you mutter. This deficiency. You rub cellophane

into your eyes. As if expecting the world to blur away. As if nothing happened, 

the day comes back around. You press rewind, for dislocation needs no explanation. 


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