Wow and Flutter

Glenn Shaheen

The angel’s cut and the devil’s

cut. You love a state but all

states are violence — who wants

to be denied the boot’s thrill

on the neck. Some evaporated,

some sunk into the cask. Forced

to go somewhere for someone

else’s pleasure and ceremony.

I’m happy with my own lil

funs. My own stares off into

the darkened closets. I see

nothing inside of them.

Today is an Air Quality day.

I thought that was every day

but that’s not what they mean.

Give a toddler a gun and he’ll

shoot somebody. The playback

is distorted, wobbles, but we

can still tell what’s going on,

which national anthem wails

from behind the static. Take

another shot, it’s the good

shit. Whispers against the

ear, no syntax but the wind

is good, the air that brought

life to someone else. In

books, our greatest defeats,

our greatest missteps. Why did

they burn witches in Salem?

Because they were witches.


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